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Investors Chronicle 2010 cover features

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Our cover features span a huge range of topics, but all have the same aim - to make you a better investor! From emerging markets to tax planning, from growth stocks to income plays, there's hardly a subject we haven't covered.

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- Long term population trends mean investing in agriculture is becoming an increasingly necessary hedge

- Everything you need to know about investing in 2011.

- David Stevenson says investors should be looking out for the next generation of super-tanker companies.

- The UK is still the world's sixth-largest manufacturer and home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet.


- Google, Microsoft and Apple are the undisputed giants of consumer technology. But one can only dominate in future at the expense of the others. Who will it be?

- Rare earths are essential to many technology and consumer products. Supplies are tight and controlled by China. But there are still ways for UK investors to play this theme.

- Nick Louth applies screening criteria and a dose of common sense to identify the market's fastest-moving shares.

- With more people now renting a property than buying one, our investigation reveals that complaints and fraud are on the rise, costing buy-to-let landlords dearly.


- Nick Louth picks 10 stocks for the longest investment horizon.

- George Osborne is taking a big gamble with near-term economic growth.

- The gold price has surged to record highs and there's more to come. Our comprehensive six-part feature tells you everything you need to know about investing in the yellow metal.

- Want to make money even after a deal is announced? Rory Jones shows you how.

- Diamonds have suffered a torrid time recently but they look set to regain their sparkle. Martin Li explains how to cash in.


- Natural resources investing doesn't have to involve double-or-nothing risks to offer triple-digit upside. Martin Li reports.

- To celebrate our 150th year of publication, this week's IC has 50 extra pages of features, plus all your usual favourites.

- Frontier markets are cheap, but are the risks too great? David Stevenson reports.

- Nick Louth tells you how to identify companies paying secure and sustainable dividends – and picks 10 dividend-payers that are worth a closer look.


- Britain has no match for the power, breadth and innovation of many of the world's most successful companies. Nick Louth finds 15 global giants that are easy to buy from the UK.

- Special situations can be hugely profitable. But what makes a situation special, and how do you spot the shares that could benefit? Graeme Davies investigates.

- Julian Hofmann and Mark Glowrey look at the bonds traded on the London Stock Exchange's retail bond platform and pick the nine best issues for private investors.

- Where should investors be looking in the search for secure high yields? Nick Louth has the answers.

JULY 2010

- The trouble with emerging markets is that the hype doesn't always match the reality. Investors need to tread carefully and know where the traps are, says David Stevenson.

- John Hughman identifies those companies whose business model means they perform steadily through thick and thin.

- Demergers have often proved more successful at creating shareholder value than mergers or acquisitions. John Hughman reports.

- Riding the trend is an easy way to make money. Steven Frazer shows how and spots tomorrow's momentum winners.

- Income seekers are having to look beyond the FTSE 100 for new sources of dividends. Graeme Davies explains why Aim is a good place to start.

JUNE 2010

- Nick Louth finds that by widening our investment horizon, we can secure high yields.

- The dividend cut at BP is a huge blow to investors. We look at what to do.

- Dominic Picarda looks back at previous market tops to find out whether the bull market is now over – or set for one last charge.

- It can sometimes be easy to identify triggers that could send natural resources shares soaring over relatively short timeframes. Martin Li reports.

MAY 2010

- Don't put up with paltry savings rates. Be bold and go for 10 per cent. Nigel Bolitho explains how you can reach that target.

- It's the holy grail of investment – if you buy a share at 100p and it goes up to £11, you've got yourself a 10-bagger.

- For a secure income stream, a good starting point is the market's most reliable payers, says Peter Temple.

- There's a reason why some of the UK's most successful businesses are family controlled. John Hughman explains.

APRIL 2010

- The Coppock Curve is one of the best guides to long-term buying and selling opportunities. We look at how it works, and its track record.

- European banks are structured very differently to UK lenders – and many are in much better shape, says Nathalie Olof-Ors.

- Unconventional oil and gas is transforming the industry. Martin Li explains the technology, and picks out four UK companies with upside potential.

- With the general election hitting fever pitch, Rory Jones and our sector specialists examine the potential corporate winners and losers from the political bun-fight.

- Talk of a global crisis has disappeared, and a gradual recovery appears entrenched. Chris Dillow and Jonathan Eley assess the prospects and the risks for shares and bonds.

MARCH 2010

- Jim Slater has produced a comprehensive checklist for investing in gold miners. He shares his demanding criteria with Investors Chronicle readers and reveals some of the most exciting prospects he's found so far.

- Corporate bond funds are last year's craze. David Stevenson looks for the next big things for income-seekers.

- M&A activity might have been weak last year, but there's evidence that the deal-doing machine is beginning to crank itself up. We name the likeliest targets.

- John Hughman heads off on a dividend odyssey to find the best income shares from around the world.


- Simon Thompson shows how savvy investors in the know can make bumper profits in March.

- Profit from the oil and gas exploration boom by investing in companies on the brink of success. Daniel O'Sullivan and Martin Li report.

- Investors Chronicle's Bargain Shares portfolios have beaten the market in all bar one of the past 11 years. Simon Thompson presents his portfolio of undervalued shares for 2010.

- With global population growth placing ever-greater demands on the world's food supplies, agricultural investments could be an important store of value for your portfolio.


- You can construct an ideal core portfolio using ETFs, says David Stevenson. But before you do you need to know which markets to track.

- Inflation is a real risk – and investors who lived through the 1970s know how destructive it can be. Plan ahead though and you can minimise the damage.

- Our team of sector specialists analyse prospects for the year ahead on no fewer than 44 sub sectors of the stock market.

- Our 2009 tips of the year returned an average of 39 per cent. Here are eight great shares for 2010.