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For those who dare: Aim shares for your Isa

From Monday 5 August the rules are changing, so you can put Aim shares in your Isa but should you snap them up? See what the experts say.
For those who dare: Aim shares for your Isa

For years, the Alternative Investment Market (Aim) has seemed as enticing as a camping holiday during a thunderstorm. Dreary performance coupled with ultra high risk warnings has caused many investors to shun Aim shares, but several indicators suggest this could be about to change.

You can already hold funds that contain Aim shares in your individual savings account (Isa), but from Monday 5 August, for the first time ever, investors will be allowed to hold individual Aim shares in Isas. They are already allowed in self-invested personal pension (Sipp) tax wrappers but have, until now, been excluded from Isas because of their risky nature.

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