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I’ve made my first £100 from investing, what next?

Tips for people in the early stages of investing from Katie Morley, who has herself been saving into a stocks & shares Isa for six months.

About six months ago I made a decision that has permanently changed the way I manage my money. I became so sick of shovelling my cash into a cash Isa with a tiny interest rate, that I opened my first stocks & shares Isa, swapping saving for regular investing.

The initial process was tedious and frustrating. I spent hours selecting a DIY broker but defected to a different broker within days because I found it unusable. Picking my funds from an ocean of garbage investments also gave me a headache, even though I had financial advisers on tap to help me out.

But half a year down the line, my portfolio is building itself while I sit back and watch, occasionally logging in to see how it's doing. This week I discovered I’d made my first £100 through investing. I’m beating cash and it feels good, but I’m still a newbie investor with a lot to learn.

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