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Supersize returns II

Everything's bigger in the US, and the returns from Todd Wenning's supersized portfolio have proved no exception. Here he picks five more US small-caps with big promise
Supersize returns II

About two years ago, I profiled 10 US-based small-cap shares (Supersize Your Profits, 17 May 2013) that I considered to be in possession of "economic moats" - a term coined by investing legend Warren Buffett to describe companies with business models strong enough to generate high returns on capital for at least 10 years.

While more time is needed to fully evaluate the merits of these stocks, thus far their performance has been encouraging. As of 19 February 2015, $1,000 (£651) invested in each of the 10 companies would today be worth $15,000 compared with $12,760 invested in the Russell 2000 Index, the US's main smaller companies index.


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