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36-year-old: "Can I retire to India next year on £1,000 a month?"

A young expat wants to take early retirement in India, but is worried about the effects of high inflation and currency risk on his portfolio.
36-year-old: "Can I retire to India next year on £1,000 a month?"

Our reader is 36 and has been investing for 10 years. He is an expatriate Indian citizen who has worked on European assignments and has now been in the UK for three years. He plans to return to India in a year's time and intends to retire. He has a home in India on which the mortgage has been paid off.

"Indians usually have a lower life expectancy so longevity isn't an issue, from a portfolio perspective," he says. "Apart from my individual savings account (Isa) I invest via my wife's account as she is not a taxpayer.

"Unless there is something terribly wrong with an investment, I am happy to hold it for five or more years. I have burnt my fingers with bond funds so I am reluctant to invest in them, but try to compensate for this by lending money via peer-to-peer platform Ratesetter.

"I aim to reduce my working hours once I am able to get £1,000 a month as income, in inflation-adjusted real terms, until the age of 72.

"I am a high risk taker provided there is an opportunity to earn a higher return, and differ from the average investor in that I am an expat planning to retire in an emerging economy.

"I can live comfortably in India for £1,000 a month, as per current purchasing power. However, considering the high inflation and much higher erosion of purchasing power due to rising education and healthcare costs, what should be my estimate for retirement planning? Until what age do I need to contribute £1,000 a month in order to get £1,000 a month in current value real terms from my savings? This is assuming currency changes can take care of differences in inflation."

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Retire in India next year on £1,000 a month


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