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Help! I've inherited a second portfolio

Our reader has inherited a large portfolio that is very different from the holdings he already has.

Bill is 56 and has been investing for 25 years, accumulating a portfolio worth £162,000. He has recently inherited a second portfolio worth £470,000 as a result of a family bereavement. He says: "My wife and I are at a crossroads. Our investment portfolio has increased in size but also in the range of inherited investments. We are holding a large amount of cash in the bank and in premium bonds. Some of this may be used to fund house deposits for our children, both in their early 20s.We need to make a decision on how to manage our future investments. We can live with market fluctuations over a number of years, but in the long term we don't want to lose money."

All their income requirements are met by income from their two mortgage-free buy-to-let properties, plus work pensions. They are seeking capital growth from their investments - any dividends are reinvested. They plan to draw from the portfolio one or two times every five years for one-off income requirements.

Reader Portfolio
Bill 56

Two portfolios


Capital growth


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