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IC Top 100 Funds 2015

Personal finance editor Moira O'Neill delivers her top 100 funds for 2015
IC Top 100 Funds 2015

In the list below, I have highlighted the funds that received a top ten ‘keep’ or ‘add’ recommendations from our panel of experts. Each star represents a ‘keep’ or ‘add’ recommendation.

Note that we have attempted to highlight the cheapest version of the fund and have also usually gone for the accumulation class. Depending on your platform or broker, you may want to buy another version of the fund or select the income class.

See the introduction for more on how we chose the funds

This is not a list of funds that we think will do well this year. Rather, it is a guide to the types of funds and sectors that we think you should be looking at in building a portfolio. Some of the Top 100 Funds make great core holdings for your portfolio. Others are good satellites that you should only use for a small portion of your investments.  

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