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Maximising growth on £2.5m portfolio at age 55

Rod's substantial portfolio needs rationalisation and tax planning in the run up to retirement

Rod Church is 55 and has a £2.5m portfolio spread across 100 assets. He wants to maximise capital growth over the next six to 10 years in the run-up to his retirement, with the aim of generating £125,000 annual income.

He says: "I am active in investing in private companies and do look to balance and diversify in other areas. I also have a fairly large exposure to property via some private development projects. I am assuming that I will liquidate property to the value of around E1m in the period up to retirement. I do not have much in the way of income so tend to draw down from capital for living expenses. I do not have ambitions to leave much behind."

He owns property abroad as well as in the UK and describes his attitude to risk as "balanced".

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Rod Church 55

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£125k annual income


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