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Brexit: asset managers' views

Fund managers consider what markets might do around the EU referendum and what the fallout might be if the UK leaves
Brexit: asset managers' views

As the referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union (EU) approaches, many financial industry figures are expressing their views on what the consequences might be for financial markets.

These include some of the UK’s most prominent fund managers – Neil Woodford is effectively sitting on the fence with his view that the outcome will not influence the overall course of the UK economy either way, while Richard Buxton is adamant that we won’t leave, so believes there is nothing to worry about. Other managers, meanwhile, argue that the companies they invest in will be good businesses in or out of the EU and even that an exit might provide investment opportunities.

So we have rounded up the views of a number of managers, including some who run *IC Top 100 Funds, to get an idea of what investors need to consider as the vote approaches, and if Britain leaves the EU (Brexit).


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