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Investing with momentum, value seeking, heroic dividend trusts and new high-income funds from Kames and Miton

A round up of this week's fund stories

Everyone wants to pick a winning fund or stock. But should you buy an investment just because it is doing well? This week personal finance writer Emma Agyemang takes a look at momentum investing. Is it a great way to buy stocks and funds or a risky play which could leave you exposed?


New Scottish Investment Trust (SCIN) manager Alasdair McKinnon is certainly no fan of momentum investing. Since taking over in February 2015 he has given the trust a contrarian makeover and ditched popular stocks in favour of a cohort of ‘ugly ducklings’. He talks to deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley about why UK retail is his top contrarian play.

Income investors have new options with Kames and Miton launching new high-income funds launches. Miton has unveiled a new global infrastructure fund with an estimated 4 per cent yield and Kames is set to launch a high yield bond fund in the coming months. We take a look at how the funds are planning to achieve their high incomes and ask how the investment case stacks up. We also take a look at the new micro-cap investment trust from Downing targeting double digit total returns.

When it comes to long-term income, investors should look no further than the next generation of dividend heroes that have raised their dividends for ten years or more. The new generation features some surprising entries from the world of UK smaller companies as well as some familiar names. For the trusts which have raised dividends for 20 years or more look here.

For our tip this week we take a look at one new fund manager whose progress has yet to be recognised. Get this trust quick before the discount comes in.

In our latest podcast Kate Beioley and Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea Financial Services offer some tips on how to identify and choose a good fund manager. The team also looks at the new Lifetime Isa and how it compares to similar savings products.

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