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Solving the Brexit puzzle

Our decision to part ways with the EU has intensified calls for a co-ordinated industrial strategy, although some pundits believe we would be better served by a libertarian trade policy
Solving the Brexit puzzle

For the past 12 months we've resisted the temptation to publish speculative pieces on what a post-Brexit economy might mean for UK equities. But by the time this magazine hits the newsstands we should have an idea as to who will be entering into the negotiating phase of the exit process with our erstwhile partners in Europe. So, in this issue, and others published over the coming weeks and months, we will try to outline the likely implications for the various sectors and sub-sectors that arise from the negotiations.

We have also assiduously avoided proselytising from a political angle - we're essentially agnostic on that score. But the process will undoubtedly have a profound effect on the way in which the UK's economy is organised, the level of capital inflows and on the flexibility of our labour market.

So where there are potential danger signs, we'll do our best to highlight them. But we also feel that the exit process, although likely to be challenging in the near term, could throw up thematic investment opportunities as the eventual terms of Brexit are crystallised.

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