Taking on the tech melt-down, smart investing in high markets, consistent positive returns and ETFs getting cheaper

The top contributors to the S&P 500 this year had been the so-called Fangs – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nextflix and Google, along with Microsoft, but a week ago it literally all came crashing down. So personal finance writer Emma Agyemang looks at how bad the situation is and what the fundamentals are for tech stocks, as well as the risks other than a market bubble. And for those of you prepared to hold on through market wobbles she sets out a selection of funds which should capture the long-term potential of this sector.


Talking of high markets, even if US tech is slumping this has generally not been the case with markets overall, and the US and UK in particular look expensive after recently notching up a number of record highs. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't invest, argues deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley – rather it should determine the way in which you invest. She explains why, and sets out some smart ways to invest in high markets and take advantage of volatility. She also highlights funds with which to avoid the most expensive shares.

This week's tip highlights a fund which has made consistent positive returns and proved to be less volatile than equity markets. Its managers have an even longer proven record of doing this, so the fund could be a useful portfolio addition in the current uncertain environment.

A price war has been raging in the world of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and the latest salvos have been fired in the area of European equities. Kate Beioley finds out which ETFs have had their charges reduced and how they now compare to their competitors. She also looks at why investors have been piling into European equities.

In our latest podcast the team consider what effect the election will have on currency and bonds with Nick Gartside, chief investment officer for fixed income at JPMorgan Asset Management. Emma Agyemang profiles ScotGems, an investment trust set to launch later this month. And she weights up the merits of equity realease - boosting your retirement income with the wealth tied up in your bricks and mortar.

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IC Top 100 Fund SVG Capital (SVI) is set to wind-up at the end of this month, subject to shareholder approval. We look at what it has been returning to investors, and some alternative options if you wish to redeploy your cash in other private equity investment trusts.

This week's portfolio clinic features a reader who needs to ensure that he doesn't breach his pension lifetime allowance. Our experts give him some tips on how to do this and suggest some types of funds that could help improve his asset allocation.

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