China A shares OK, tracking high expenses, well valued growth and Brexit beneficiaries

Index provider MSCI is to include domestic Chinese A shares in its Emerging Markets index and this will have major implications for the passive funds which track it. Deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley finds out what is going to be included, what difference it will make and why MSCI has held back from doing this until now. She also explains why the inclusion of Chinese A shares in MSCI Emerging Markets index will have implications for active funds.


Another way in which index companies have been wielding their might is with the fees they charge exchange traded funds (ETFs) for tracking their products, in particular popular indices. Kate Beioley finds out what they are charging and how much this is adding to your investment costs. She also looks at how ETF providers are trying to compensate for these charges and fighting back against the stranglehold of high fees.

This week's tip highlights a fund focused on an area that has good economic prospects and where shares still seem to be well valued. The fund is also run by a manager with an outstanding performance record so it could be a way to get strong growth - regardless of economic conditions.

It's been a year since the vote for Brexit and a lot has happened since, so personal finance writer Emma Agyemang has had a look at what markets and funds have been the best performers over this period. She also asks the experts if the top performing areas can continue to do well, and what else might deliver good returns.

In our latest podcast Emma Agyemang and Rachel Winter, senior investment manager at Killik, consider whether the recent tech plunge means you should avoid funds focused on this area. Deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley sets out some smart ways to invest in high markets. And Rachel explains why you should consider diversifying away from domestic UK exposure, and suggests some areas into which to redeploy.

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This week's portfolio clinic features a reader with an incredibly large portfolio but not much of an investment strategy. Our experts offer him some tips on how to rationalise it, and explain why some tax planning could also be beneficial to his returns.

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