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Alpha: Phil Oakley's shares round-up 10 May

Stock markets have become nervous as the US-China trade dispute has intensified. A pull-back in expensive markets was probably overdue.
Alpha: Phil Oakley's shares round-up 10 May

Concerns about economic growth have resurfaced. Bond markets have been strong in the US as investors have bought into safe havens whilst government bond yields in Germany have gone below zero.

I’ve written a lot about how I see high quality shares as being expensive and in some cases overpriced. I think share prices have run too far too fast and that some kind of pullback was overdue and indeed welcome.

Along with high valuations, my main concern is the ability of companies to keep on growing their profits at a satisfactory rate. The Fantasy Sipp portfolio contains companies that have shown high degrees of earnings stability in difficult economic times and the hope is that they will do so again in the future but at a higher level of profit.

In this week's round-up, I look at a mixed bag of companies and check their quality and growth credentials.  

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