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Concentrated tech investing is still paying off

Should we just buy tech shares and leave it at that?
Concentrated tech investing is still paying off

The resilience of big tech shares continues unabated and with good reason in my view. The economic lockdown has given these companies another fundamental leg up in my view as remote working and a focus on productivity are only likely to increase.

Many technology shares are highly valued but this is not like the late 1990s or early 2000s as the companies involved today have profits and cash flows and importantly, a visible path to growth rather than blind hope.

It is no surprise to see investment funds such as Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and Blue Whale who have heavy tech exposure perform so well in this environment.

That said, an investor buying a Nasdaq 100 ETF or iShares S&P 500 Technology sector ETF would have smashed most global equity funds out of the park for the last couple of years.

It certainly seems that concentrated tech share investing has a lot going for it right now. Those investors - including the Fantasy Sipp - which are adopting a more balanced sector and company approach are fairing less well but are still doing so much better than the average investor in UK equities.

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