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Political risk is too great to ignore

Phil's not usually one for discussing politics openly but the risks facing investors from political developments are rising fast.
Political risk is too great to ignore

The resurgence of the coronavirus across Europe is deeply troubling. Agence France Presse has said that France may go to maximum virus alert from next Monday (5th October). Meanwhile, in the UK, the government seems to be behaving like a rabbit in the headlights and confusing people at the same time. It says it does not want a second lockdown but the risks of one seem to be increasing by the day.

If this happens then I fear for how the UK economy will cope  - and whether the general public will be as compliant as they were back in March. The risks that this brings to the economy, company profits, government borrowing and the value of the pound cannot be ignored. The ongoing trade talks with the EU add another source of anxiety.

In the US, millions of people watched or listened to the most unedifying presidential debate in history, in which both participants showed their electorate the dire choice facing them on the 3rd of November.

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