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Buy British: 10 investment trusts for value and momentum

There is a strong UK flavour to this month's Alpha investment trust screen.
Buy British: 10 investment trusts for value and momentum
  • Half of the stocks in our ten trust portfolio have a UK focus 
  • Other global value themes identified, too.
  • Has the screen identified a good entry point to buy into Scottish Mortgage? 

If there is one message this month’s report wants to send loud and clear it is “buy British”. The 10 stock portfolio has a particular leaning towards UK smaller companies funds. These funds, and especially those focused on so-called “value” stocks, should do particularly well if the UK experiences a strong economic recovery. 


The reason why so many of these trusts are catching the screen’s attention is rooted in the rush of optimism towards UK stocks late last year following the signing of a Brexit deal and positive vaccine developments. Even though the UK market has recently given up some ground, most UK trusts are still showing impressive performance for the three-month period this screen assesses momentum over. 

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