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This company is leveraging a university network to get in first on close to market technology
Follow the smart money on technology
  • Investee companies targeting rapidly growing end markets
  • Deep 40 per cent discount to net asset value
  • First portfolio company IPO made at a huge premium to carrying value

It’s not often that you can buy shares in a company on a 40 per cent discount to book value when it has reported 40 per cent net asset value over a three-year period. It’s even rarer when the company is set to report a thumping gain on a recently listed investee company. However, that’s exactly what’s on offer with this company, which has a concentrated investment portfolio focused on high growth. Holdings include plays on food technology, autonomous vehicles, smart eyewear and respiratory medical devices.

Thanks to its global university network, the company can access cutting-edge technologies that have yet to come to market. The recent IPO of its first investee company at a three times valuation multiple is an example of the returns the company can potentially make as its investments come to fruition.

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