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10 good value investment trusts for beyond the pandemic

Some of this month's trusts face Covid-19 headwinds but have exciting long-term prospects
10 good value investment trusts for beyond the pandemic
  • It's been a rocky month for markets as Covid-19 cases rise, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.
  • This month’s report targets some trusts which have seen discounts widen.
  • The Alpha IT report strategy’s long-term record since mid-2004 boasts a near 10-fold return.

Having started 2021 in jubilant form, markets seem to be finding it ever harder to make headway.  Market leadership has flip-flopped between themes, such as value and growth, with little real commitment. Meanwhile, nervousness is increasing that the Delta variant of Covid-19 may start to run amok in countries that dealt with the virus well last year. 

The concern about the spread of the Delta variant was a major issue for one of the themes that emerged in last month’s report: trusts focused on Vietnam. With Covid-19 cases in the country rapidly increasing, the domestic stock market has fallen. That weighed on the overall performance of last month’s ten stock picks with the selection underperforming the MSCI World index, although the portfolio did outperform the FTSE All Share.

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