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Financials building up a head of steam

More companies are passing our Great Expectations momentum screen with financials and professional services businesses coming to the fore
Financials building up a head of steam
  • Momentum screens performance picking up pace after blip
  • Total of 23 companies pass all the tests across three indices
  • Financial and professional services companies are prominent

The number of companies passing all eight tests of our Great Expectations momentum screens is growing with a total of 23 companies enjoying a clean sweep in the latest results. In a further boost to followers of this screening methodology, the performance of the stocks selected continues to recover strongly from the brief hit to momentum strategies, which occurred when value investing surged back into vogue as vaccines against Covid 19 were introduced – giving hope of rapid economic recovery. 

Among those companies now passing all of the tests for the Great Expectations screen, financial and professional services operators are increasingly prominent.  Of the 10 companies passing all the screen’s tests from the FTSE All Share, Liontrust Asset Management (LIO), St James Place (SJP) and Bank of Georgia (BGEO) are from the financial sector while Man Group (EMG) and Paragon Banking (PAG) pass all but one of the tests. 

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