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10 investment trusts offering cheap growth

There are plenty of growth bargains for our robust and proven system.
10 investment trusts offering cheap growth
  • All ten of the ten trust portfolios suggested by our system are outperforming
  • The first selection from July 2020 has delivered twice the total return from the MSCI World index
  • Performance of the underlying system since 2004 is 923 per cent 

The Alpha investment trust report continues to generate ideas with upside. July’s ten trust portfolio was up 7.8 per cent at the time of writing the September edition. That was well ahead of the returns from the MSCI World and FTSE All Share indices. 

Markets have plenty to be nervous about as speculation rises about when central banks will tighten monetary policy; the Chinese government continues to crackdown on tech companies; and fallout from the Evergrande crisis intensifies. 

While Monday's market sell-off will have affected valuations, the recent and long-term performance of the system has shown its merits. Discount widening affects some investment trusts badly during downturns, and this can be very uncomfortable for investors. That said, in data going back to mid-2004, despite some tough times the data driven system has delivered ten bagger performance. 

This month's portfolio of ten trust ideas based on our rules suggests some interesting themes, with the constant thread being growth-oriented plays priced cheaply by recent standards. 

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