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History’s heart beat

The list could go on, but the point is that, among all the stuff that agitated financial markets during 2019, most was barely mentioned this time last year. It was ever thus. Those events that have the biggest impact are rarely widely forecast. How could it be otherwise, since to forecast is to discuss, to discuss is to adapt and to adapt is to avoid. Meanwhile, the dire events – the ones that aren’t avoided – don’t get discussed, except by swivel-eyed loonies who are ignored until we see, too late, that there was method in their madness.

So why bother to look ahead? Largely because that’s what investors do anyway. We commit our capital to the future, so, at the very least, we want to give the impression we know why and where we are saving it. It offers the appearance that we are smart and prepared for what’s ahead. It gives us a feeling of confidence, and that’s nice.

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