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Mothercare directors buy as UK enters administration

The retailer is finally rid of its UK business
Mothercare directors buy as UK enters administration

Three of Mothercare’s (MTC) most senior directors have once again attempted to inspire market confidence in the ailing retailer, investing a combined £120,000 in shares through a placing, the day the group appointed administrators to its UK business.

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Chairman Clive Whiley, chief executive Mark Newton-Jones and finance director Glyn Hughes bought a combined total of 1.2m shares at 10p each. This was the third such coordinated purchase made by the three in the past 16 months. The first was in late July last year, after creditors voted not to approve one out of three proposed company voluntary arrangements, leading the group to announce a share placing. The second came in March of this year, shortly after it completed the disposal of Early Learning Centre.

The latest purchases happened the same day the group appointed PwC to oversee the administration of the UK business. The group’s 79 UK stores will now close, but its wider international portfolio of more than 1,000 stores will continue to trade.

CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
adept4 Simon Duckworth (ch)1 Nov 191,200,0001.47017,6406,900,0001.507453
Anglo Pacific James Rutherford 6 Nov 1925,000192.00048,00025,0000.013776
Anglo Pacific Graeme Dacomb 6 Nov 1910,000192.65419,26510,0000.00551
Banco SantanderHomaira Akbari1 Nov 195,0003.60018,00014,0000.000086
Banco SantanderAna O'Shea (ch)31 Oct 191,000,0003.6103,610,00022,622,0460.140194
Banco SantanderFrancisco O'Shea31 Oct 1910,000,0003.62036,200,00089,719,0880.556012
Banco SantanderHomaira Akbari4 Nov 195,0003.67018,35019,0000.000117
BMO Global Smaller Companies Anja Balfour4 Nov 197,419134.0009,94147,4190.007793
Castleton Technology Paul Gibson 6 Nov 1910,00066.0006,60010,0000.012238
Castleton Technology Dean Dickinson (ceo)5 Nov 1934,75067.60023,491219,7500.268939
Chaarat Gold Martin Andersson (ch)1 Nov 1913,28238.0005,047146,491,06533.18996
Chaarat Gold Martin Andersson (ch)1 Nov 1920,00038.0007,600146,511,06533.1945
Chaarat Gold Martin Andersson (ch)1 Nov 19100,00038.10038,100146,631,06533.22168
Chaarat Gold Martin Andersson (ch)31 Oct 1915,00038.2005,730146,472,78333.18582
Chaarat Gold Martin Andersson (ch)1 Nov 195,00038.2001,910146,477,78333.18696
Chaarat Gold Martin Andersson (ch)1 Nov 1920,00038.2007,640146,531,06533.19903
Connect Gary Kennedy (ch)6 Nov 19200,00029.15758,314260,0000.104965
Costain♥Anthony Bickerstaff (fd)1 Nov 192,010171.1503,440324,1470.299351
GVC John Gibson6 Nov 1913,000794.445103,27842,5870.007317
GVC John Gibson6 Nov 1912,000796.49595,57929,5870.005083
Kingfisher Thierry Garner30 Oct 1960,000212.700127,62060,0000.00284
Kingfisher Bernard Bot (cfo)1 Nov 1950,000208.000104,00050,0000.002369
Legal & General George Lewis1 Nov 19394264.5501,04225,2210.000422
Legal & General Henrietta Baldock 1 Nov 19701264.5501,8549,0050.000151
Legal & General John Kingman (ch)1 Nov 191,620264.5504,286326,9630.005481
Legal & General Toby Strauss1 Nov 191,039264.5502,74935,1550.000589
Legal & General Kerrigan Procter (ceo)1 Nov 1973265.000193237,6610.003984
Legal & General Nigel Wilson (ceo)1 Nov 1973265.0001939,232,7930.15478
Legal & General Jeff Davies (cfo)1 Nov 1973265.0001932,6020.000043
McBride Jeffrey Nodland (ch)4 Nov 19110,00070.87077,957130,0000.0711
Mortgage Advice Bureau Nathan Imlach31 Oct 19254598.0001,51931,8830.061774
Mothercare*Glyn Hughes (cfo)5 Nov 19200,00010.00020,000553,2040.161834
Mothercare*Clive Whiley (ch)5 Nov 19500,00010.00050,0001,000,0000.29254
Mothercare*Mark Newton-Jones (ceo)5 Nov 19500,00010.00050,0002,796,7100.81815
Norish Timothy O'Neill (ch)4 Nov 1912,50075.0009,3753,032,50010.08468
Norish Timothy O'Neill (ch)6 Nov 191,50075.0001,1253,034,00010.08966
Pantheon International Mary Sieghart 6 Nov 191,3252278.20030,1861,3250.002449
Rights and Issues Inv Trust David Best5 Nov 194801991.1009,5574800.006335
Rose Petroleum Christopher Eadie (fd)4 Nov 19759,5001.2409,4182,477,0041.225652
Rose Petroleum Christopher Eadie (fd)4 Nov 1939,0001.2804992,516,0041.24495
Standard Life Aberdeen Jonathan Asquith5 Nov 1920,000310.71062,14220,0000.000848
Surgical Innovations Paul Hardy1 Nov 19500,0002.24011,2006,808,7440.856105
Surgical Innovations Paul Hardy5 Nov 19100,0002.3002,3006,908,7440.868678
The Royal Bank of Scotland Mark Seligman31 Oct 1910,000213.69021,36930,0000.000248
The Royal Bank of Scotland♥ Mark Seligman31 Oct 1910,000213.69021,36940,0000.00033
Totally Michael Rogers 6 Nov 1950,00013.5006,750150,0000.250856
CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
Hilton Food Philip Heffer (ceo)31 Oct 19360,0001000.0003,600,0003,823,1724.678238
Hotel Chocolat Angus Thirlwell (ceo)6 Nov 191,200,000420.0005,040,00036,366,76931.57643
Hotel Chocolat Peter Harris6 Nov 191,200,000420.0005,040,00036,366,76931.57643
Proton Power Systems Faiz Nahab (ceo)5 Nov 195,7910.2501,448595,605,68291.84808
Proton Power Systems Faiz Nahab (ceo)5 Nov 19274,0000.29079,460595,611,47391.84897
Schroders Michael Dobson (ch)6 Nov 198,3593250.000271,668206,6060.073134
ScS Paul Daccus6 Nov 196,250,000220.00013,750,0009,853,02425.92038
*Placing/tender/open offer ♥Spouse/connected party