Understanding the oil market

Understanding the oil market

With 160 years of history, the Investors Chronicle has unrivalled insight into managing your money during good times and bad. To help income investors face current challenges with clear heads, and come out of the other side with their wealth intact, we're going to be making lots of our best content free. We also have a new suite of educational content to guide and reassure those attempting to manage their money in unprecedented times. In the articles below, we attempt to help you understand the oil market.

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7 reasons why you should take note of the oil price crash

The price of US oil has turned negative for the first time in history. Producers are paying buyers to take oil off their hands over fears that storage capacity could run out in May. Here are seven reasons why the oil price is crashing and why it matters to you.

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The big picture: a brief history of oil gluts

It may be unprecedented for oil producers to pay commodity traders to take crude off their hands, but the supply and demand dynamics which forced West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices into negative territory are standard fayre. Events from history can therefore teach us a lot about what we might expect next from oil prices.

In the first of a new IC educational series, Mark Robinson explains how we can learn from history.

The Trader's market outlook

Are oil markets telling us how bad things are right now, while equity markets tell us how good or bad investors hope/fear things will be next year?

Neil Wilson examines the situation in his daily trader columns.


21 April: Oil tumbles again, US futures weak

22 April: Europe firms as Brent follows WTI's lead lower 



How does the oil supply glut impact London's listed companies?

London oil and gas companies felt the impact of the price drop, even if not many are directly affected by the negative pricing. Mark Robinson and Alex Hamer examine the price fall and its impact on listed companies in this article.

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