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The IC guide to investing in healthcare

Seven things you need to know before investing in the pharma and biotech industry.
The IC guide to investing in healthcare

Key Points:

  • Cut through the jargon and the science to understand how to pick stocks in the healthcare and biotech market
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Healthcare has the potential to be an incredibly lucrative investment: barriers to entry are high, demographic dynamics are favourable and demand is never going to disappear. But short-term sentiment can shift nerve-jinglingly quickly, which is why healthcare investors are best off taking a long-term view – when they’re on to a winner. But picking that winner is not easy. A lack of tangible metrics, the risk of all-out failure and the huge variety of companies complicates pharmaceutical investment in the UK, making it almost impossible to separate the next blockbuster companies from those on the road to collapse.


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