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Further Reading: Open your eyes to data biases and gaps

Data failings have rendered women’s needs largely invisible in everything from medical care to urban planning
Further Reading: Open your eyes to data biases and gaps
  • Data biases and gaps means women's needs are not well considered
  • Male-biased policies can have serious consequences for women
  • Companies and investors can learn from this

Data matters. Whether in its simplest form or as information extracted from millions of transactions, data is a valuable tool. It enables governments, individuals and investors to make decisions, and businesses to gain a competitive edge.

But to serve those purposes, data must be good quality and free from gaps and biases. You might suppose that these would, in this day and age, be meticulously rooted out, but that is not the case. In her book Invisible Women, Caroline Criado Perez builds a thick wall of evidence proving that not only do data gaps and biases exist, they spawn calamitous outcomes.

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