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The IC guide to getting started in investing

Once you have decided to take control of your financial future, this step-by-step guide can help you get going
The IC guide to getting started in investing

Key steps:

  • Join your workplace pension scheme
  • Take your allowances and pick your product
  • Select the right broker or investment platform for your needs

Everyone has two ways of making money (three, if you include an unlikely sweep in the National Lottery): we can work for it, or we can make it work for us.

Most of us are only making use of the former. We go to work, receive our salary, spend some and leave the rest in the bank where it does very little. Everyone can make their money work harder by investing it, whether that is in low risk bonds, stable property or a whole host of alternatives. And nowhere can the rewards of saving be as great as an investment in the stock market.

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