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IC model asset allocation – £251k to £1m

How to invest if you are well on your way to wealthy
IC model asset allocation – £251k to £1m

Key Characteristics:

  • Long-term investor in the prime earning years of their career
  • At least five years from retirement
  • Investable savings between £250k and £1m

Managing a personal investment portfolio that’s worth over £250,000 can be enjoyable and rewarding, but it also requires discipline and focus.

There are some circumstances – for example you have suddenly inherited money, or you are recently retired and are managing your own pension pot – that require special consideration. It is worth consulting some of our lifestyle asset allocation models to see if these are more appropriate to you. If you are an inexperienced or nervous investor, you should build up your knowledge before you start investing (the IC has plenty of guides to help you) and it might be worth starting off with a small DIY portfolio so that you can gain some experience. 

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