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IC model asset allocation – £51k to £250k

How to invest a growing portfolio
IC model asset allocation – £51k to £250k

Key Characteristics:

  • Long-term investor with earned income
  • Middle stages of accumulating wealth
  • Investable savings worth between £51k and £250k

Once your investment portfolio is worth over £50,000 managing it and watching it grow gets really satisfying and interesting. It’s important to maintain your discipline and stick to an asset allocation strategy and avoid buying too many holdings willy-nilly – you don’t want your portfolio to end up looking like a rag and bone man’s yard!

You may have inherited money, received a bonus from work, had a redundancy or a divorce settlement, taken a lump sum from a defined-benefit pension scheme, or even won money. If any of these situations apply to you then, depending on your age and the size and source of your regular income, you might want to consult some of our lifestyle asset allocation models. These may be more appropriate in terms of your needs and the risks you are prepared to take.

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