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Struggling savers: Make your money go further

How to invest if you're struggling to save
Struggling savers: Make your money go further

Key characteristics:

  • Young family
  • Unpaid mortgage
  • Small disposable income
  • Between 20 and 50 years old

People with substantial expenses (such as bringing up a family) and financial liabilities (like paying a mortgage) may struggle to continue to set money aside to invest if they’re not on a big salary. It is hard but staying in the habit of investing is worth it for the long term.

Nowadays, everyone is auto enrolled in their company pension scheme and in the first instance it is important not to opt out and ensure you pay in as much as you need to get the maximum contribution from your employer. That taken care of, your other personal investments should be made with a holistic appreciation of your overall financial position. And be sure to make them in a tax efficient vehicle, like an individual savings account (Isa).

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