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The IC women’s guide to becoming a better investor

Simple steps to help you make your money go further
The IC women’s guide to becoming a better investor

Key points: 

  • Gender financial and pension pay gaps make the world of money harder for women than for men 
  • Stock markets can help us all make our money go further

What are little girls made of? 

One nauseating nursery rhyme says ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’. We are in fact brought up on a lot of stories about ‘little’ girls with ‘little’ ideas. With the gender financial pay-gap still firmly in place, it is about time someone rewrote the rules and educated women to think BIG when it comes to their investment capabilities. In the links below, we will answer the crucial questions to help empower women on their investment journeys.

Did 'Little Miss Muffet' need to be frightened?

When Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, it only took a little spider to frighten her away from a hearty meal. If only she had stuck around slightly longer, she would have realised the spider was actually a financial professional called Glen, offering to explain the different types of investment platform. The investment world can seem scary, but this article has all the information you need to get started. And if you want to read Glen’s advice to picking your investment platform, he got all of his information from our research.

Click on the link below to download our full comparison of platform and broker pricing and if you have any comments or criticisms of your platform, get in touch via our platform and broker survey. 

Another little-known fact is that Miss Muffet had recently started a job at the Civil Service and was ending the month with cash left over. Should she have got her hands on the IC’s guide for young professionals, she could have accumulated some tasty profits to put towards a first house. 

Should the 'Little Old Lady' have considered the wider property market?

Have you ever wondered why that old lady lived in a shoe? Well, the sad reality is that she had little understanding of mortgages or the current state of the housing market, and just didn’t know the way in. To avoid a similarly confined and smelly residence, take a look at our overview of the property market and read our answers to the sector’s biggest questions. 

How could Mary have helped her 'little lamb' grow?

Mary had a little ‘lamb’ – famously a metaphor for a little investment stock. Yet, had Mary read our seven steps to becoming a better investor, that lamb could have grown into a veritable beast of a sheep or perhaps multiplied into enough to start her own farm. 

The current rhetoric around investment is distinctly male, but IC wants to change this and ensure that women grow up on a different kind of mantra: investment knowledge, financial ambition, and all things growth. Now that’s what little girls are made of.