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How bad are bananas?

The statistics book that will help you make more environmentally conscious investments
How bad are bananas?
  • How bad are bananas? was revised in 2020 to include up-to-date statistics for using your money responsibly
  • Mortgages and pensions are a major consideration for people thinking about their carbon footprint

In 2010 English professor Mike Berners-Lee documented “the carbon footprint of everything” in his statistics book How bad are bananas? The edition was revised in 2020 to include a wealth of up-to-date figures, which can be used to inform many money-making decisions with climate change in mind.

It’s a pressing topic – in the first quarter of 2021, $178bn flowed into green energy funds and demand for clean, ethical investment products continues to swell. But Berners-Lee’s book points out that it is not enough to simply pick green-fingered funds. Most of the wealth of Brits is tied up in their pensions and mortgages and it is in these industries where bigger changes need to be made to protect the planet.

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