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How to spot quality amid the wreck and ruin

Fund manager Peter Seilern shares his secrets after nearly 50 years of experience
How to spot quality amid the wreck and ruin
  • Only the Best Will Do was published in 2019
  • Peter Seilern’s focus on ‘quality growth investments’ is a straight-talking alternative to any market lunacy

If you consider Peter Seilern anything short of a rock star you are in dire need of an education. Sure, his writing style is drier than my Grandma’s baking, but gobble up this Austrian fund manager’s first book and you will be left with an investing philosophy that is hotter than a strudel. His book recognises that most investors lack a clear strategy and, in under 200 pages, offers a practical solution.

Peter Seilern started his financial services career back in 1973. In 1989 he founded Seilern Investment Management, whose global, American and European funds as well as his closed-ended global investment trust have generated material returns for investors. After excluding fees, the Seilern World Growth Fund has generated a return of 145 per cent over the past five years, 50 per cent ahead of the benchmark.

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