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Further Reading: Amazon’s unbound innovation

Brad Stone’s second book offers a deep dive into Amazon's methods for success
Further Reading: Amazon’s unbound innovation
  • Brad Stone charts the indomitable rise of Amazon under Bezos
  • Offers a glimpse of what the company may look like under new chief executive Andy Jassy’s reign 

When Bloomberg tech editor Brad Stone sent his first tome on Amazon (US:AMZN) to press in late 2012, the company was worth almost $120bn (£87bn) and had fewer than 150,000 employees. Its dominance in e-commerce was starting to approach a fever-pitch – but its seemingly random other ventures were met with scepticism by analysts on Wall Street. 

“If you’re going to take bold bets, they’re going to be experiments,” founder and now ex-chief executive Jeff Bezos said at a conference in 2014. “And if they’re experiments, you don’t know ahead of time if they’re going to work. Experiments are by their very nature prone to failure. But a few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work.”

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