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How tech innovation can help optimise portfolio performance

How can technological innovation change the way retail investors manage their portfolio? Join us on 24 May, 12pm as we explore the changing role of technology in portfolio management with Netwealth.
How tech innovation can help optimise portfolio performance


Market turbulence has tested even the most durable investment strategies in recent months. But investors seeking resilient portfolios – be they focused on growth, income, or a mix of the two – have a wider range of tools at their disposal than ever before.


Technological innovation means retail investors can now manage their money better through seamless user interfaces and a range of modelling and analysis tools. But in uncertain markets, how can these tech breakthroughs best be used for investors on their investment journeys?


Join us for this 1-hour webinar, in partnership with Netwealth, as our panel of expert commentators dive deeper into the role played by technology in portfolio management – exploring how innovation can be used to help manage risk and protect portfolios against market volatility in these uncertain times.


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