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Fund tips 2019: one year's progress

How our 2019 tips fared in an unusual year
Fund tips 2019: one year's progress

All major equity markets were up significantly in the year to date as of mid-December. The US equity market continued to lead the pack and had already locked in a sterling gain of more than 20 per cent, but even the worst performing regions still enjoyed double-digit rises. Our data gives performance in sterling terms and runs to 13 December, so only captures the immediate aftermath of the UK general election, meaning that further big moves in sterling could slightly affect our figures. But equity investors have still made big gains.


IndexTotal returns (%)
2019 (YTD)2018201720162015201420132012201120102009
FTSE 10014.28-8.7311.9519.07-1.320.7418.669.97-2.1812.6227.33
FTSE 25026.6-13.2517.786.6611.173.6632.2726.11-10.0627.450.64
FTSE All Share16.19-9.4713.116.750.981.1820.8112.3-3.4614.5130.12
FTSE Europe ex UK17.11-9.8315.9120.034.66-2.1822.8516.18-15.775.7220.66
MSCI AC Asia ex Japan10.29-9.0529.4525.77-3.9111.321.1616.99-16.6923.3853.2
MSCI Emerging Markets10.18-9.2725.432.63-9.993.9-4.4113.03-17.8222.6158.93
MSCI World21.28-3.0411.828.244.8711.4624.3210.74-4.8415.2815.73
S&P 50020.64-0.419.0830.655.0218.3227.28.420.7416.339.91
TSE TOPIX14.25-8.3715.623.4118.162.3925.032.82-11.8517.98-5.47
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