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Fund managers' favourite tech shares

Find out which tech companies' are most popular with top fund managers
Fund managers' favourite tech shares

Research suggests fund managers' biggest bets outperform. That’s even true for managers of poorly performing funds, although at the Investors Chronicle, we’re only interested in the best of the best. 

Every week, we publish a list of the “best ideas” of top fund managers from one of seven sectors. This week it is the turn of Tech stocks.

14/12/2021No. Funds
Apple Inc8
Microsoft Corp8
Alphabet Inc Class A6
Alphabet Inc Class C4 (-1)
NVIDIA Corp4 (+2) Inc3 (-2)
Tesla Inc3 (+2)
Advanced Micro Devices Inc2
Marvell Technology Inc2
Visa Inc Class A2 (-1)
ASML Holding NV1
Broadcom Inc1 (NEW)
Ceridian HCM Holding Inc1
Charles Schwab Corp1 (NEW)
CrowdStrike Holdings Inc Class A1
First Solar Inc1 (NEW)
Fleetcor Technologies Inc1 (NEW)
Global Payments Inc1
Mastercard Inc Class A1
Meta Platforms Inc Class A1 (NEW)
Micron Technology Inc1
Qualcomm Inc1
S&P Global Inc1 Inc1 (NEW)
ServiceNow Inc1
Synopsys Inc1
Xilinx Inc1 (NEW)
Zscaler Inc1

top five holdings of a selection of top performing funds. The data is based on the funds’ most recent portfolio disclosures to Morningstar. 

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