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Ideas of the year 2021

Five themes for 2021 and 10 stock ideas to play each of them.
Ideas of the year 2021
  • A new approach for our ideas of the year
  • 5 themes for 2021
  • 10 stocks to play each

We’ve made a lot of changes to the way we present stock ideas over the last 12 months. The articles are longer and the analysis is more in depth. We’ve also rounded off the year by rebranding our “Tips” as “Ideas”. I’ll have more to say on why we’ve done this when I review the weekly tips/ideas published in 2020 in the next issue of the magazine. For now, though, the focus is our “Ideas of the Year” and some changes we’ve made here. 

Previously, we’ve highlighted eight individual shares as our Tips of the Year. Often these stock ideas pick up on various themes that readers may  or may not be interested in. Rather than simply focusing on single stock ideas to highlight interesting market opportunities, this year we’ve put together five portfolios of ten stocks that focus on what we regard as some of the most interesting opportunities for investors going into 2021. 

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