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Six stocks with great expectations

Another strong 12 months keeps the Great Expectations screen the top performer of all the screens monitored
Six stocks with great expectations
  • A strong 12 months with an 18 per cent total return vs negative 6.2 per cent from the FTSE 350
  • But huge volitility with a 60 per cent maximum drawdown in 2020
  • Total return since the screen's inception 9 years ago stands at 484 per cent vs 92 per cent

My Great Expectations screen romped home in 2020 delivering another 12 months of substantial outperformance of the market. This further cements its position as the best performing of all the screens I monitor on these pages.

But the screen is not without risk and that was amply demonstrated last year, too. The maximum drawdown (the largest fall experienced from a peak to a trough) during the year was a stomach-churning 60 per cent. That compares with 35 per cent from the FTSE 350. Those numbers hopefully serve as a salient reminder that the 12 months of performance I report for the screens each week only tells part of the story. 

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