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After the pandemic: the tax changes to expect

Following the pandemic, tax rises are inevitable. Where will they fall and how can you protect yourself from the heaviest blows?
After the pandemic: the tax changes to expect
  • The most significant tax rises for investors could be those on gains, pensions contributions and inheritance 
  • It may be worth accelerating actions you were planning to take anyway so you can avail of current thresholds and rates

With the national debt continuing to balloon and reports making the case for a wealth tax and higher rates of capital gains tax (CGT) landing on the chancellor's desk, it seems inevitable that raids on wealth will happen at some point.

But the pandemic has not yet been brought under control and chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to tread cautiously for fear of putting the economic recovery at risk when he reveals his budget to the nation on 3 March. Nevertheless, he is known to want to avoid pushing the debt too far into the future and onto the shoulders of the next generation.

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