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dotDigital is Aim’s tech darling

A smart software business that is revving up for international growth
dotDigital is Aim’s tech darling

As smartphones, tablets and laptops get ever better and cheaper, more people own more of such gadgets. A study last year found that the average home in the UK had around 10 internet-enabled devices: for a digital marketer, that means that there are 10 windows through which it can advertise. This opportunity sits at the heart of dotDigital’s (DOTD) business. The company's software enables its clients to reach customers across a whole range of digital touchpoints. 

Founded in a pub in Croydon in the late 1990’s (the company still holds onto the original tables and bar stools), it evolved from a web design agency into a marketing email specialist when it listed in 2008. Once known as ‘dotmailer’, its now more comprehensive marketing automation platform is used by more than 70,000 marketers internationally. Its ‘Engagement Cloud’ software service has developed beyond email into SMS text-messaging and social media. 

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