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How can we get an income of £1,350 a month from our Isas?

These readers need to manage their investment portfolios' cyclical risk
How can we get an income of £1,350 a month from our Isas?
  • These readers want an income of £1,350 per month from their Isas from April next year
  • Their assets should be able to generate this level of income
  • But they need to manage their investments' exposure to cyclical risk
Reader Portfolio
Andrew and his wife 59 and 56

Isas and Sipp invested in funds, cash, residential property.


Cover costs of large ticket items, fund possible care costs, income from Isas of £1,350 a month from April 2022, move cash worth £80,000 into Isa investments in next two years, gradually transfer Sipp assets into Isas tax efficiently.

Portfolio type
Investing for income

Andrew and his wife are ages 59 and 56. He receives a former workplace pension of £50,000 per year, linked to Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation. She earns £8,800 per year from their company, but this will reduce to around £1,800 per year from April 2022 and she will not earn anything from the company from April 2024. The company will make its final contribution to her self-invested personal pension (Sipp) in the 2021/2022 tax year.

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