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Getting asset allocation right in your Isa

Rules of thumb for building the best portfolio
Getting asset allocation right in your Isa
  • Isa asset allocation decisions are ultimately influenced by your goals and circumstances
  • We look at the allocations to suit different Isas and objectives

More than 20 years since their inception, investors require little encouragement when it comes to the take-up of Isas. Like pensions they have become an established feature of the personal finance landscape.

Yet success can breed proliferation, and complication. A confusing array of different Isas have cropped up over the years, all with different potential uses. To make matters worse it can be easy to make the most of generous Isa allowances without thinking about the exact purpose of your holdings – and how your goals and circumstances should guide what sits in the tax wrapper. As Seven Investment Management (7IM) private client manager Michael Martin puts it: “What we do with Isas is work out people’s objectives. People don’t really have an objective – it’s something to do.”

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