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Do we have too much with Baillie Gifford?

These readers want to simplify their investments. Are they on the right track?
Do we have too much with Baillie Gifford?
  • These readers are concerned that too much of their investment portfolio is in Baillie Gifford funds which hold some of the same stocks as each other
  • These could continue to perform well, but if the growth/momentum investment good performance reverses this portfolio could experience a substantial fall in value
  • So it could be worth crystalising large gains and having a more balanced mix of investment styles
Reader Portfolio
David and his wife 67 and 65

Sipps and Isas invested in funds, residential property, cash


Supplement pension income by selling rental properties, de-risk and grow investment portfolios to supplement pensions income in future, diversify away from Baillie Gifford funds, mitigate IHT, pay into grandchildren's junior Isas

Portfolio type
Improving diversification

David and his wife are ages 67 and 65, and retired. He gets a state pension worth £9,500 a year and his wife’s will start to pay out in July at an initial rate of £9,730 a year.

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