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How can I build up £100,000 for each of my three children?

This investor wants his children to enter adulthood in a strong financial position
How can I build up £100,000 for each of my three children?

Ian wants to give each of his three children £100,000 when they turn 25, and has cash worth £200,000 to put towards this

He could invest some of this each year in Jisas and hold the rest in an account under his own name

The bulk of the money could be invested in a broad diversified fund, with smaller amounts in more focused investments

Reader Portfolio
Ian and his children 45, 13, 11 and 7

Jisas invested in funds, cash.


Build up a sum of £100,000 for each child by the time they are age 25, invest Jisas and £200,000 cash payout the right way to help hit this target.

Portfolio type
Investing for children

Ian is age 45, and his children are 13, 11 and seven. He has recently received cash worth £200,000 from an insurance policy payout and would like to use it to help him give each of his three children £100,000, in today’s money, when they reach age 25.

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