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What value of assets do I need to generate £50,000 per year?

This investor wants to his investments to generate £50,000 per year so he can work part time
What value of assets do I need to generate £50,000 per year?
  • Darren wants to reduce his working hours when he is 55 so wants his investments to make up an income shortfall of £50,000
  • He needs to reconsider his country-specific and broader asset alternatives
Reader Portfolio
Darren 46

Pensions invested in funds and shares, cryptocurrencies, residential property, cash.


Reduce my workload at age 55, generate £50,000 per year from investments between 55 and 70 to help fund holidays and leisure, average investment growth of 5 to 8 per cent a year, reduce risk approaching age 55, cover children's education costs and help them buy homes, make better use of cash.

Portfolio type
Investing for growth

Darren is age 46, self employed and earns around £120,000 per year. His children are ages 11 and 14. His home is worth about £750,000 and has a mortgage of £280,000. He also has a buy-to-let property worth about £220,000 with a £115,000 mortgage which provides rent of £750 per month.

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