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The rise of the machines: Three trends for the 2020s

The sectors for investors to watch this decade – and how to play them. Part 1.
The rise of the machines: Three trends for the 2020s

For the past few weeks, the Investors' Chronicle's Algy Hall has been battling tech issues. His company-issue laptop does not provide him with enough computing power for the volume of data he wants to crunch. It is true that the data needs of weekly stock screens look a little feeble in comparison to the volumes of data handled by, say, Google or the Chinese government, but Algy’s predicament is a reminder of the long-anticipated twilight of Moore’s Law.

Computers are no longer improving quickly enough to meet the needs of big data (or the most diligent of investment journalists). 

By the end of this decade, experts think that the long-held truth that with each passing year twice as many transistors can be squashed onto the same sliver of silicon (thus doubling the efficiency of the same sized computer) will be defunct. Traditional computers physically won’t be able to get any better. 

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