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Top 50 ETFs 2021

We highlight 50 of the best low-cost portfolio building blocks
Top 50 ETFs 2021
  • ETFs can be a vital tool in a portfolio but it is very important to pick the best ones
  • We set out what look like some of the best ETFs in a number of investment areas

This marks the eighth edition of the Investors’ Chronicle Top 50 ETFs list, highlighting the exchange traded funds (ETFs) that we view as the most useful low-cost building blocks for an investment portfolio. An investment portfolio could be entirely composed of these passively managed funds, or they could sit alongside active funds and direct shareholdings.

We have opted to stick with the structure we introduced in 2019, with ETFs grouped into three broad categories to reflect the priorities investors may have when building a portfolio. The Core ETFs provide a good base exposure to important markets and can serve as buy-and-hold options. The funds in the Satellite category could either boost a portfolio’s income and growth prospects, or cater to more specific individual preferences. And the Niche category covers more specialist areas.

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