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Five contrarian value shares

Despite all the talk about the demise of value investing, Algy Hall's Contrarian Value screen has done stunningly well over the past decade by sticking by the principle of reversion to the mean
Five contrarian value shares
  • 344 per cent 10-year total return versus 93 per cent from the FTSE All-Share
  • All investing is value investing…
  • …except when it’s not
  • 20 new contrarian value ideas including the all-important top five

Some people like to say all investing is value investing. Essentially this is an argument built on semantics, but for me, such a sweeping interpretation of value investing is in danger of missing the point. The “all-investing” position confuses what I would regard as the niche activity of value investing with valuation. 

That’s because my understanding of value investing, and this week's screen's understanding of value investing, centres on the idea of reversion to the mean; a view of value investing that’s by no means novel.

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