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A potential turnaround in oil & gas

Trader Michael Taylor believes that with a new board, name change, and placing, this company is now a new vehicle compared with its former self
A potential turnaround in oil & gas

I’ve been doing lots of reading over the summer, and sharing what I’ve learned on Twitter. Alpha Trader by Brent Donnelly is one book that I thoroughly recommend. Brent is a forex trader and covers everything from trade management to psychology. One thing he pointed out is that there are only three reasons why any trader loses money. Either because you have no edge, you’re not following that edge, or variance.

There are, of course, reasons why traders lose money. Maybe they don’t have a strategy, or know what they’re doing, or maybe they want to feel pain to punish themselves, or don’t feel like they deserve to win.

But whatever exact reason it is, every single reason boils down into these three reasons. If you don’t have an edge – you’ll lose money. Solution? Find one.

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